It is estimated that 1 in 10 girls in Africa misses school during their menstrual period for lack of access to menstrual management materials, access to changing places, and access to clean water. Others run the risk of infection from using unhygienic products such as rags, tissues, etc, or not changing them often enough. Mustard Seed Organization is on a mission to equip adolescent girls in Nigeria, Uganda, and other African countries with the tools they need to manage their menstrual period, safely navigate puberty and step into their potential. Every month, we supply a hygiene pack to each girl in our various program locations with the help of generous supporters like you. We have seen remarkable improvements in school attendance and self-confidence.

Our approach is simple: provide menstrual health management information that leverages reproductive health education along with a supply of sanitary products as a combined intervention.

Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Projects funded

10 Projects, 45 programs

Menstrual Hygiene Projects Funded:

These numbers represent all projects done to date and funded by Mustard Seed. This number is dynamic and updates as more programs are carried out

2020: 2 Projects, 4 Programs
Nigeria SS region: 1 Program
Nigeria SE region: 3 Projects

2021: 4 Projects, 16 Programs
Uganda Mbale region: 3 Programs
Nigeria SS region: 4 Programs
Nigeria SE region: 9 Programs

2022: 4 Projects, 25 Programs
Uganda Mbale region: 8 Programs
Nigeria SS region: 3 regions
Nigeria SE region: 9 programs
Nigeria SW region: 5 programs

Average no of Pads Distributed

34,500 no of pads distributed to girls and women

Average no of Pads Distributed: 

This number represents the total no of menstrual hygiene packs distributed to girls. This number is dynamic and updates, as we receive new information on monthly hygiene packs, distributed




The Organization visited Rwanda in September and is going through the process of its registration as an INGO in the country to start MHM programs in the country

How We Work

We collaborate with schools, local communities and agencies to carry out monthly MHM programs and distribution of hygiene packs to adolescent girls

Proving Our Impact

We share photos and locations for our programs on the map. You can also find pictures of all our funded programs in the gallery

Stories From the Field

In many rural parts of Africa, young girls are not well informed about menstruation, so they face many challenges at home and in school during their menstrual periods. Results have shown that our MHM program efforts address significantly the many issues and challenges from stories we hear

Mustard Seed Stories

Girls deserve to be in school…during their periods every month.

We are encouraged that more men are taking interest and becoming increasingly aware of the issues and challenges faced by girls during their periods.

Mustard Seed Stories

Girls Hygiene is a Health issue

Meet Namutosi whose hygiene is now better because of Menstrual Hygiene Management programs in her school.


Mustard Seed Stories

“Mustard Seed Organization has improved my life.”

Zaina has become a voice of change to her friends.


The Next Step

Working with adolescent girls, school teachers, women, and community leaders to sustain our Menstrual Hygiene Management effort is critical to meeting our objective. The monthly distribution of menstrual hygiene packs to students and young girls is vital to alleviating this debilitating crisis. This effort is highly welcomed and always looked forward to by the girls and parents. Each pack contains one month supply of products for each girl. With donors like you, our hygiene pack distribution will continue to reach more girls.

What is included in a Period Pack?

A Period Pack is a small package that contains a supply of menstrual products for one girl or woman per month. We currently supply them to young girls in local schools in Uganda and Nigeria who cannot afford or access menstrual care as well as to women in need.

Sponsorships Options for one month, few months, or one year

1. Adopt a school of 500 girls
2. Adopt a school of 250 girls
3. Adopt 100 girls
4. Adopt 50 girls
5. Adopt 25 girls
6. Adopt 10 girls
7. Adopt 5 girls
8. Adopt 1 girl
9. Others

In each pack are the following items:

  •  A small pack that will contain the other materials
  • Sanitary pads
  • Tissues
  • Soap
  • Spare knickers (many young girls often have only one or worn out knickers)
  • Plastic bags (to hold stained knickers, or to put the used pads in if there isn’t a bin handy)
  • Cleansing wipes or hand cleanser (in case they need to clean the blood off their hands before leaving the toilet cubicle)

Ways to provide Financial Assistance


Provides menstrual hygiene care for 100 girls for one month


Provides menstrual hygiene care for one hundred and fifty girls for one month


Provides menstrual hygiene care for one girl for one year


Provides menstrual hygiene care for one girl for six months


Provides menstrual hygiene care for one girl for three months


Provides menstrual hygiene care for one girl for one months