We believe in a world where every girl has access to good menstrual hygiene.

Girls deserve to be in school…during their periods.

Menstruation matters because ½ of the world goes through it.

Menstruation is a human rights issue. All human rights stem from the right to human dignity.

Menstruation matters so that all women can live their cycles free from taboos, myths and shame.

Menstruation is natural.

The crisis is massive. But together, we can solve it. Join us.



“Period poverty” is an everyday reality to millions of girls in sub-Saharan and many other African countries.

Mustard Seed Organization (MSO) is working in Uganda and Nigeria, educating, training, and providing monthly menstrual hygiene packs to adolescent girls and women through its Menstrual Health Management (MHM) programs. We support girls’ education, economic empowerment to women, and other projects aligned to our mission.

Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Programs to date

10 Projects, 46 programs

Menstrual Hygiene Projects Funded:

These numbers represent all projects done to date and funded by Mustard Seed. This number is dynamic and updates as more programs are carried out

2020: 2 Projects, 4 Programs
Nigeria SS region: 1 Program
Nigeria SE region: 3 Projects

2021: 4 Projects, 16 Programs
Uganda Mbale region: 3 Programs
Nigeria SS region: 4 Programs
Nigeria SE region: 9 Programs

2022: 4 Projects, 25 Programs
Uganda Mbale region: 8 Programs
Nigeria SS region: 3 regions
Nigeria SE region: 9 programs
Nigeria SW region: 5 programs

Average no of Pads Distributed

34,5087 no of pads

Average no of Pads Distributed:

This number represents the total no of menstrual hygiene packs distributed to girls. This number is dynamic and updates, as we receive new information on monthly hygiene packs, distributed




Uganda and Nigeria
The Organization visited Rwanda in September and is going through the process of its registration as an INGO in the country to start MHM programs in the country

Mustard Seed Stories

Girls deserve to be in school…during their periods every month.

We are encouraged that more men are taking interest and becoming increasingly aware of the issues and challenges faced by girls during their periods.

Mustard Seed Stories

Girls’ Hygiene is a Health issue

Meet Namutosi whose hygiene is now better because of Menstrual Hygiene Management programs in her school.


Mustard Seed Stories

“Mustard Seed Organization has improved my life.”

Zaina has become a voice of change to her friends.



Now,  it’s your turn. Can we count on you?

Sign up! And team up to start a campaign or chip in yourself to help end period “POVERTY”


Every dollar is a lifeline to dignity and confidence


Our volunteers are our anchors.

They go to the fields and provide valuable Menstrual Health Hygiene services to girls and women. They also engage in fundraising to meet the Organization’s goals.


Be our Ambassador.

Let your friends know about the work we do and join the team.


Mustard Seed Organization is a non-profit body. We provide menstrual hygiene management programs and monthly distribution of “hygiene packs” to adolescent girls in Africa.
Transparency is one of our core values, we document our programs with photos from the locations.
We challenge ourselves to perform with excellence. We remain accountable to the people we serve, and to our donation partners whom we represent.